Our Group of Companies

MAF Vitrified Tiles India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Manufacturing.

The motivating factor remains the zeal, the zeal to be the best, to be at the top and to achieve the highest echelons of excellence. The manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge technology. Intense automation, robotic car application and a zero chance for human error are just few reasons why MAF remains at the top in the industry. Founded 12 years ago with a single-minded vision, to be the best in providing tile solutions, MAF has since then grown stronger with its hard work, innovations and patronage from our discerning customers. The Indian consumers' rapidly growing appetite for style and aesthetics is the inspiration behind every design of MAF. MAF has today become a synonym for quality, service and innovation - not only in the domestic market but in the international market too. MAF has offers more than 1200 options in ceramic wall & floor tiles, vitrified tiles, designer tiles and much more. These tiles come in a wide range of colours and textures to complement bathrooms, living rooms, corridors, study rooms & kitchen, born our of an inspired creativity of those who feel that rooms should be an extension of the beauty reflected. With an unparalleled commitment towards quality we have strived to adopt technologies and standards with the changing times. Be it technology, research, design or quality, MAF has set its sight on all these factors adopting new production techniques in order to enhance the quality of its products. Due to creativity and design ability of our team, our design comprises both innovation and exclusivity. Leveraging the two invaluable assets - the MAF Vitrified brand and unparalleled, multi-layer distribution network - to expand the product bouquet to cater to the growing aspirations of the discerning Indian customers.

MAF Marbles & Granites India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Manufacturing.

MAF Marble& Granite(A division of MAF TRADES INDIA PVT LTD) has offering our own as well as exclusive ranges of marble, granite, onyx and stone products. Our company specializes in finding rare and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large scale installations. We have our own geologists in the field selecting product from quarries in the countries the materials originate from, where our affiliated operating companies manage production based on market demand. Our range of exclusive prioducts includes ; Verde Malachite, Rosso Erika, Desert Stone, Travertino Italiano Navona, Rosso Damasco, Absolute Black. A team of experts is constantly engaged in fieldwork at the various different quarries in the Apuane Alps to select the best types of Statuario, Carrara, Gioia, Arabescato, Calacatta and other similar marble. All our products are checked and tested before being placed on the market. Exclusive products, as well as our standard range, are used in our laboratory facilities to carry out high-level projects combining tradition and experience with the most innovative technology

MAF Construction India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Building and construction contract + Road construction contracts + Electrical installations work and installation of alarm.

MAF Construction is India's largest construction company with EPC capability in Oil & Gas, Roads & Bridges and Civil & Utilities sectors operating in india, other GCC countries as well as India. has established itself as the "Preferred Partner in Development" in India.

MAF Jewellery India Pvt Ltd
Location: Kerala-India
Activities: Gold & Diamond Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier, Gold Bars, Certified Diamonds

  • Gold & Diamonds
  • Engagement Ring Settings
  • Colored Diamonds
  • Antique Estate Jewellery
  • Diamond & Gold Wedding Sets
  • Right Hand Rings
  • Gemstone & Diamond Rings
  • Diamond & Gold Wedding Bands
  • Mens Wedding Rings
  • Diamond & Gold Earrings
  • Diamond & Gold Bracelets
  • Diamond & Gold Pendants
  • Diamond & Gold Necklaces


MAF Real Estate India Pvt Ltd
Activities:Real State

MAF Real Estate has diverse range of property services, such as, Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing, Short Stays and Property Management across the Middle East. We've also made our presence felt in international markets across the world with our exciting range of properties that cater to the homeowner and the investor.

With our complete range of property solutions, we give you a whole new property experience that is reliable, convenient, transparent, and safe.

MAF Petrolium India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Retail of Petroleum Products

We are engaged to provide Croudeoil and D2,JP54,Bitumen all grade,All byproducts of Croudeoil ,high quality petroleum related tools/ machineries. Our products include PDM drill, Bypass Valve, Anti-Drop Assembly, Motor, Cardan Shaft, Transmission Shaft, TC Bearing, STB, butterfly valve, strainer, stop valve, stop check valve, check valve..

MAF Media India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities:Media Design and advertising + Media Promotion activities +Television advertisements

We are doing all types of media advertising and promotion projects. Its a complete solution for your media.We are doing television ads for all television channels. We are providing good services with quality of work and experienced hands. MAF is the one and only complete media partner with advanmced technologies and quality assured works.

MAF Educational Service India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities:comprehensive college planning + Placement Services + Career Planning

MAF Educational Service the only full service consulting group with the services

  • Offer comprehensive college planning designed for student with learning diifferences.
  • Guide students towards improved self-awareness,self advocacy,and independance.
  • first hand knowledge of hundreds of college and their service to students through our services.
  • Offer career planning for the students to achieve their extreme.

MAF International India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Retail of Construction materials + Wholesale of construction, civil and petroleum engineering machinery and equipment and heavy equipment + Wholesale of blocks, tails.

We are engaged to provide a wide array of high quality petroleum related tools/ machineries. Our products include PDM drill, Bypass Valve, Anti-Drop Assembly, Motor, Cardan Shaft, Transmission Shaft, TC Bearing, STB, butterfly valve, strainer, stop valve, stop check valve, check valve, gate valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, storm valve, ball valve, sacrificial anode, carbon steel plate flanges, stainless steel plate flanges, bonnet, casting head, downhole motor tester, hydraulic jar tester, hydraulic bucking unit, mud pumps, well control equipment, well drilling blowout preventer (BOP), theft prevention wellhead & X-mas tree, double channel thermal recovery wellhead equipment, high pressure and anti-sulfide wellhead & sidetracking tools, floating collar, floating shoe etc.

We take pride in our ability to serve our clients to the best of our capacity. We help unearth the needs of our client, of which we meticulously design the equipments to suit their specific needs.

MAF Software & Hardware India Pvt Ltd
Location: Trivandrum-Kerala
Activities: Designing & programming of special programmers + Development of computer network +Computer Hardwares .

MAF Software & Hardware has grown to be one of the most successful and reliable technology solution providers in the India .Our business infrastructure and human capital integrates to flower a robust performance to provide an impetus to the IT industry on the soil of India.

MAF Tourism India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Tour packages + Guiding For travelling + Travel Services

MAF Tourism is an Indian Travel portal catering to all your Travel needs, We offer Tour Packages for India and Abroad.We offer different packeges for your travel needs.Packeges of camel safaris, jeep safaris, honeymoon packages, adventure holidays, all india tour packages. We make you to travel across the world.

MAF Health Care India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Retail of medical goods and orthopedic apparatus.

  • Surgical Consumables, Instruments, Implants and Equipment
  • Dental Equipment and Consumables
  • Laboratory Equipment & Reagents
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals

MAF Cold Store India Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Activities: Wholesale of different food products + Retail of fish and other sea foods and products thereof + Business Agencies + Export and Import Office + Retail of meat, poultry and meat products.

We do Import & Export in all out services (i.e. Construction / Building Material, Food Products, Medical Equipments, Computers, Petrolium, Real Estate etc.). MAF Cold Store is one of the pioneers in the Frozen Food supply business in India , It specializes in the retail/wholesale distribution and marketing of frozen and chilled meat and food products. The products are imported from leading international suppliers from all over the world. MAF Cold Store is having a strong market share with our diversified product range, strong distribution network and Our Company Caters to a wide array of retail outlets, supermarkets, wholesalers, government institutions and catering companies. Being part of a large established group, MAF Cold Store

Has the necessary resources to deliver results.

The product range includes:

  • Chicken and Chicken parts
  • Lamb & Mutton
  • Buffalo Meat
  • Eggs, Butter & Margarine
  • Frozen Vegetables & French Fries
  • Ready to eat Frozen items


A vision to continue the tradition of trust as the most preferred MAF Trades (India) Pvt Ltd in India and to blaze the trail of excellent business practices of international standards to serve our local customers and the INTERNATIONAL at large to achieve valued customer satisfaction and society benefit.

Evergreen values:

As a progressive organisation, we are consistently growing, thanks to the solid backing of our customers and our committment to them. But as we move forward, we will continue to retain our core values, which have been the foundation of our success and customer confidence in us.

  • Committment to be honest and transparent at all times while conducting our day-to-day business.
  • Practice our business efficiently and effectively to achieve high standards of excellence.
  • Committment to deliver tailor-made, international quality products that help achieve exemplary standards of customer satisfaction that have always been expected from us.
  • Provide excellent customer sevice in a proactive and responsible manner while focussing on customer needs.


We are what we are because of the challenges we have taken. Today we are proud of our achievement. We will continue our efforts untiringly in order to meet new challenges, as we run an endless race. Every year we will enter a new arena-a new discipline or a new country - and we will reinforce what we have learned from the past. We commit ourselves to innovation and excellence, to do even better and to grow - in size, domain, goodwill and credibility.

Basic Information

Product/Service (We Sell): Sugar, HMS, Urea, Iron Ore, Used Rail, Crude Oil, D2, JP54, Mazut, Bitumen, Copper Cathodes, Steam Coal, Cooking Oil, Gold Bullion, Diamonds, D6, LNG, LPG

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